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Date: 2020-09-28

"If you want to reach the Profound Realm of Tea Ceremony, there is no magic method except for empty words." The highest mood of tea ceremony is Zen.

Give up Zen. There is no tea. If you don’t know the taste of Zen, you don’t know the taste of tea.

Tea can meditate, Zen can nourish nature, and tea revitalizes Zen. The reason why they are connected is all in one word "pure", and so is life.

In Yuanheyuan "Sencha" [Chafang], you can taste tea in the experience style, play with the treasures and antiques in the collection,

You can look forward to it, and you can buy your favorite collection.

The talk said: Sencha can not wash the ears, but can clean the heart; with the ordinary heart, with the heart of good conditions, talk about tea ceremony, talk about Zen, with peace, steam,

Get tea with softness, mindfulness, and three minds.