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Buddha Zen Hotel Chengdu is located in the Wenshufang tourist area within the first ring road. It is close to Tianfu Square, Hongxing Road Pedestrian Street and Chunxi Road Pedestrian Street. It is surrounded by tourist attractions such as Wenshuyuan, one of the eight jungles of China.

Inn fully combines the traditional Chinese aesthetics to create a Zen mood; let you find a quiet Zen in the hustle and bustle of urban civilization. The hotel has a simple style and exquisite decoration. It has a variety of elegant rooms, as well as a tea room, restaurant and spa. Living in Buddha Zen Hotel Chengdu will allow you to experience the deep and playful Buddhist culture in your heart.
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  • amywei
    My stay at the hotel are many, feel round and round is not worth 818 Yuan price. maybe I'm poor. but wenshu morning chanting voice worth listening to.
  • annwy
    Very special boutique Inn, is very satisfied with everything, the room also has Chinese-style balcony, drink tea, look down is wenshufang ancient buildings, it really pleasant
  • benlin
    Friends with Group, full delegate I handle. online reservation has this, was also worried may not be contract visitors of mind, didn't thought, staying yihou, friends are praise. a is antique of building, environment make in the take static; II is service intimate, which of a between free rose has suite, also has welcome guest fruit; three is travel convenient, Metro, bus on in near.
  • luyan1971
    Heavy rain can't get in the car, is not convenient ... not too hard to find in the lobby.
  • e01659277
    Hotel in monju hospital side Shang of alley in on like other staying who said of as first times will need find about but hotel has Red Guide brand actually also pretty find of hotel somewhat make in the take static of mean is good of staying Shi front desk for we rose has level by senior double bed into has luxury suite Thanksgiving from map Shang see monju hospital is not special Center of zone but Hotel away from Line 1 line monju Hospital station does not far of walk distance listening to taxi driver said except 1, 2nd,Chengdu, line 3, 4, Line 7, line 15 is expected end of 16 early opening of rail transit in Chengdu Chengdu taxi fares, more convenient and more so in fact started 8 cheap taxis in and out is also very cost-effective wenshu temple there are many taxis at the door can be raised like quiet and quaint atmosphere you can choose here
  • edx615
    Very good, very quiet, great service
  • fendy766
    That's good
  • jonecn
    Very nice apartment, next time will still choose here
  • lanlan_yu
    Very good hotel, recommended.
  • scofiell
    Very unique hotel, in a quiet
  • rollar
    Hotel is has features, near wenshufang, early Hou can to monju hospital go go, around has snacks a article Street, can taste to local features food. breakfast taste good, especially copy hand, feel than outside buy of also delicious, we return aircraft more early miss with breakfast, also deliberately for we prepared has road early, is warm. service is intimate, even lobby of security master are can warm of explained hotel of features decorative, next to also will staying.
  • lexuse
    Environment is very good, Buddhist culture theme, people like to come again.
  • yexinf
    In General, not worth the price
  • e01370390
    Next time will come
  • Think alex
    A very good environment, very quaint and very clean, but a slightly higher price
  • mylping
    Well, located at wenshufang, wenshu courtyard; the famous snack has hotel facilities are also quite user-friendly, mainly Buddhist motif, the incense smells from the morning; it is worth to enjoy.
  • doudouyouai
    We a are very like this hotel. and other luxury hotel different, style unique, antique, facilities is is new is Shu. we live of is luxury double bed room, rare of two Zhang Queen size beds, and has two a balcony and a living room. staff also are very enthusiasm, although no elevator, they will help put luggage sent to II floor of room. Hotel away from monju hospital is near, taxi or sat Metro are is partyThen, around is quiet in the evening.
  • e01625950
    Today on vacation mode [grinning] [grinning] after carefully selected online booking of this hotel is really good. decoration of primitive simplicity, and is full of Zen, the bed was very comfortable [smile] [smile] downstairs was snacks and antique shop, my wife liked at a glance here. [Color] [Color]
  • Gentleman.
    Friends with Group, full delegate I handle. online reservation has this, was also worried may not be contract visitors of mind, didn't thought, staying yihou, friends are praise. a is antique of building, environment make in the take static; II is service intimate, which of a between free rose has suite, also has welcome guest fruit; three is travel convenient, Metro, bus on in near.
  • lixun8824
    Very good experience, software and hardware are all good!
  • basswin
    Very unique Courtyard rooms have Chinese characteristics, out is also very convenient
  • e03245647
    Nice is little expensive
  • alanlo14
    Good good good good good good good good good good haha
  • Extra
    Hotel is very quiet and really like this feeling!
  • sss323
    That's good
  • bluebell001
    This hotel's great, at a glance, saw, very tall, good environment, equipment and special, there's a chance will come again
  • jona_ye
    Wenshufang attractions, convenient. Hotel environments, such as photos. Service staff are all very friendly. breakfast, delicious in Chengdu is everywhere, so it can be ignored. Hotel does not have a lift for large luggage friends will not be convenient. overall satisfaction.
  • dajun
    Within the hotel environment is quite distinctive, snacks around quite a lot, travel is easy.
  • FUJIYA09
    Very calmly, very friendly, comfortable ... Good morning-
  • gralleboy
    Very special places. the location is great, in wenshu. like the antique feel.
  • paladin_w
    It wasn't too bad,
  • aspirateur
    Good clean and tidy very satisfied!
  • fcju2008
    Come out and play the best night sleep!
  • parfum
    Very stylish hotel, attention to detail and quality decoration, service was excellent, and satisfaction!
  • amady
    Good service good again
  • Eric Xu
    Like, will go live later.
  • autre
    Great hotel, service was warm, wenshu Temple scenic area
  • Oo oO man pulling the wind
    Nice boutique hotel
  • a129926
    Each time you come and live here, lived for several years. well in every way!
  • Lucy1985
    Hotel room living room bedroom has air conditioning, breakfast, though not too much, but enough to eat in line, this time he didn't get a chance to taste vegetarian, next time you have the opportunity to come back again!
  • ginalee
    Service is good
  • e00789919
    First stay, very comfortable, room very good. in Chengdu will stay again next time. many authentic tapas downstairs, and a very good environment. convenient. wenshu courtyard next to the Metro station.
  • m12083
    Just one smell, after turning on the air conditioning would be better, overall good.
  • ld05817
    Tibet return transit, stay a night, in fine form, strongly recommend staying. at monju square in the classical Chinese style, around the snack, crafts silver, next time will be dedicated to live for a few days.
  • LING089
    Which is very nice
  • genetiger
    Hotel re equipment repaired, some rooms also have taste. but not smoke. closing shop to eat the decoration around only to West high street in search of food.
  • Tony.wong
    Quiet, away from bus stops, hotel courtyard, which kids love, and playing in the yard for several hours a day
  • cinnamon
    Next to the hotel in the demolition, and was started in the evening. very noisy.
  • negon
    Service and environmental chic, very recommended!
  • lianyd
    Very good experience and environment in a quiet, comfortable, strong cultural atmosphere ' service, highly recommended!